28 May 2006 10:47 pm

Google Earth file for Tobie’s glider flight

MUGgers: you can download a Google Earth file showing the path of Tobie’s recent glider flight at Southern Cross Gliding Club in Sydney. Right click here to download the file to your PC, then load it into Google Earth.

You can use the ’tilt’ function of Google Earth to view the altitude during the flight. Sadly, my GPS records trackpoints at 5-second intervals, so you can’t see the loop in detail. But you can tell where it took place: aerobatics are always immediately preceded by a sequence of ‘clearing turns’ (to make sure no-one is below you): 90-degrees in one direction, then 180-degrees in the other.

[This file was derived by converting the track data from a Garmin GPS Map76S, which Tobie had in his pocket during the flight.]

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