For some time, we’ve subscribed to the BigPond Movies DVD service. $9.95 per month for up to four DVDs sent by post, with up to two DVDs ‘with you’ at any one time. Because we’ve been subscribers for more than a year, we’re no longer under a contract. Good deal, good value. Been very happy.

Yesterday, we received an email from BigPond Movies saying:

Dear BigPond® Movies Member,
We’ve recently updated our subscription plans to make them easier to use and understand.
The major changes we’ve made are:

  • A simplified set of 4 plans that’s based on the number of DVDs you prefer to receive each month.
  • Extra DVDs per month if you elect to become a 12-month contract customer.
  • Great value if you want more DVDs per month than your current plan allows.
  • I don’t find this to be very honest. It says that they’ve upgraded the plans so that they’ll be easier to use and understand. But the plan structures are EXACTLY the same – only the numbers have changed. So they are NOT simpler to use or understand — just more expensive.

    That is, to get the same number of DVDs I used to have, I now have to pay $12.95 per month (up 30%), and if I want extra DVDs in any month, the price has risen from $2.50 to $3.00 (up 20%). And to get this much, I have to lock into a contract for twelve months. If I want to stay as a month by month customer, I pay MORE and get LESS (only three DVDs per month).

    You tell me: have they really done this to make the plans ‘easier to use and understand’?