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Video editing 12 Apr 2007 04:38 pm

Video magazine for Australia

For years, Australian newsagents’ shelves were graced by the magazine Video Camera. At the end of 2006, the publishers closed down Video Camera and terminated the contract of the editor. As one who has some interest in things video, I was a little bit sad.

I’ve just learned that David Hague, formerley the editor of Video Camera, has established a new magazine: Australasian Camcorder. The first edition is due on shelves by mid next week.

I’m going to buy the first edition – not because I have huge expectations as to content – but because I reckon it’s a venture worth supporting.

Video editing 05 Feb 2007 11:26 am

Flying Nerd reluctantly withdraws recommendation of Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8

Since I first set up this site – nearly two years ago – I’ve been recommending Ulead‘s MediaStudio Pro product as a great value pro-sumer video editing suite. Sadly, I feel that I must now withdraw that recommendation.
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Video editing 13 Dec 2006 04:34 pm

Best price ever for Ulead MediaStudio Pro video editing software (includes several bonus extras)

Astute Flying Nerd readers will know that I use and recommend Ulead‘s video editing software. For high-end projects, I use the pro-sumer package: MediaStudio Pro version 8.

Until the end of December, Ulead has a fabulous offer for downloaded purchases of MSP8. For $US200, you get:
* the full version of MSP8
* the fabulous and highly recommended book Getting Results with MediaStudio Pro 8 by Charlie Hills
* a template pack for the Smart Compositor (allowing you to quickly make multi-image montages for opening sequences)
* the add-on product VideoGraphics Lab, which supports vector graphics and rotoscoping.

The normal on-line price for this bundle would be more than $US500. MSP8 alone normally sells for $US400 (by download).

If you wanted to buy this lot as boxed product in Australia, you couldn’t! Only MSP8 is distributed here in a box, and the price would be around $A795 = $US600.

Competing products include Sony’s Vegas ($A600+) or Adobe Premiere Pro ($A1,300+ unless you can get an academic price). To be fair to both of these products, they probably do have more functionality and flexibility than MSP8 – but you would hope so for the price.

You must click here for the special offer. It’s not linked from the site. Warning: by the time you’ve downloaded the lot, you will be up for around a gigabyte.

Video editing 16 Nov 2006 05:03 pm

Ulead sale on video and image editing products

Ulead’s having a sale – 10% off all downloaded products (and downloading is already WAAAYYY cheaper than buying boxed product here in Oz). Click here and follow the links for the special deals. [I may get a small benefit if you follow the link from this site…]

Humour &Video editing 10 Aug 2006 09:47 am

Famous Honda TV commercial

You know that Honda TV commercial where the various parts of a Honda Accord have been assembled into a long and complicated contraption that, when it all works together, results in a nice ‘reveal’ of the car? Of course you do.

Well, check this out!

Nerd stuff &Video editing 25 Jul 2006 10:57 am

Creating DVD slide shows

Like many technophiles (and even many family snappers), I have a growing library of digital photos that I’d like to be able to share.
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Flying stuff &Video editing 16 Jun 2006 02:43 am

Gliding at Southern Cross Gliding Club (great short video)

A few weeks ago, one of the marketing reps for Ulead Systems, a maker of video editing software, was in Australia to launch a new version of one of their apps. Tobie (the marketing guy) participates in a video editing discussion list that I read, and I met him on that list. As a former power plane pilot, he expressed an interest in taking a glider flight while in Sydney.

I picked up Tobie from his hotel in Sydney, and took him to Southern Cross Gliding Club at Camden on what turned out, despite expectations, to be quite a nice day (but with no lift to speak of). We put him in the front seat of the club’s fabulous DG-1000 two-seat glider (with one of the instructors in the back!), and he took his Sony high definition camcorder along for the ride. Here’s the result:

(For the tech heads: the camera used was a Sony HDRHC1, and the video was edited with the Ulead’s low-end editing product VideoStudio 10 Plus. I have a few comments about VideoStudio 10 Plus here.

Video editing 14 Jun 2006 07:45 am

Ulead video editing software still cheaper on line (VideoStudio, MediaStudio Pro)

Ulead, creator of my preferred video editing software, has been through turbulent times in Australia.

After many years being distributed by Company A, they changed over to Company B. Result: they almost disappeared from the Australian market – it was almost impossible to find (current) listings for Ulead software with Australian resellers.

Well, Ulead saw the problem, and Company A is now the distributor again.

But the guilty secret is this: while Company A is starting to get the word onto the street once again, the prices charged in Australia are still way too high. Check out these comparisons:
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Video editing 02 May 2006 11:50 am

Ulead introduces VideoStudio 10 – worthwhile enhancements

Regular visitors to this site will know that the Nerd not only flies — he edits video (for fun, not money).

I have two video editing programs on my PC at present — both from Taiwanese software house Ulead.

For heavy-duty editing with maximum versatility and control (and complexity), I use MediaStudio Pro 8 (MSP). As I’ve said before, I reckon that MSP is the best value prosumer video editing software available. It doesn’t have ALL the capability of (say) Premiere Pro, but it is significantly cheaper. And if you’re not editing for broadcast, MSP probably does just about everything you could possibly need. It’s available for download from Ulead for around $A550 (new purchase). Upgrades from earlier versions of MSP or VideoStudio cost less. By comparison, IF you can find it in local shops, the RRP is around $A650. (Buy MSP from Ulead here).

For quick editing, yet with a surprising amount of flexibility, I use and recommend VideoStudio (which has just been updated to Release 10).
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Computing - general &Miscellaneous &Nerd stuff &Video editing 19 Jan 2006 02:56 pm

Resources: free and cheap stock photos

Here‘s a good article containing links to sites that have free or low price stock photos (for use in PowerPoint presentations, for example).

Video editing 02 Dec 2005 06:11 pm

Review: Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8

Here’s and independent review of Ulead’s MediaStudio Pro video editing software. Review: Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8

Video editing 06 Nov 2005 10:01 pm

Comments on using Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8

This post will probably only interest people with a video editing bent. I sent it to the mug-sw email list earlier today…
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Video editing 21 Sep 2005 10:16 am

MediaStudio Pro 8.0 released

Ulead Systems has released version of of MediaStudio Pro, their high-end video editing application. See this for details.

Main changes are highlighted here and the comparison with version 7.3 is here.

Not highlighted are a couple of exclusions: CG Infinity and VideoPaint, both part of the MSP 7.0 suite, are no longer included with MSP 8.0. However, they are available separately for a low price. I’ve never found a use for either, so probably won’t miss them when I do upgrade.

Click this link to buy, and I get a small reward from Ulead. Help keep the Nerd Flying!

Video editing 01 Sep 2005 09:52 pm

Ulead offers MediaStudio Pro 8 beta trial

Update (21 Sep 05): The final version has been released (see post above) and the Beta has been withdrawn. Try before you buy is available here.

Ulead Systems has released it’s high-end video editing software for general (public) beta trial.
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Video editing 22 Jul 2005 12:59 pm

Buying Ulead video editing software in Australia

I use and recommend Ulead video editing software.

For low-end, quick-and-dirty jobs, VideoStudio 9 is just what you want. It’s pretty stable, has a good set of features, reasonable flexibility and a moderatley flexible DVD burning engine.

For high-end (non-professional) editing, it’s hard (for the price) to go past MediaStudio Pro 7. (But note that MSP8 is on the way — it’s already being spoken about in the forums.)

I have used both VS9 and MSP7 for home videos and for videos produced for church. If you know me and are interested, ask to see the results!

Problem is, if you live in Australia, these products are WAY too expensive to buy.

It seems to me that this is down to the arrangements that Ulead has made with the distributors. Some time ago, I posted to the Media Studio Pro User Group (MUG) on this subject. Here’s what I had to say (in April):
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