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Formula 1 &Motorsport &Sport 29 May 2007 11:26 am

Don’t forget: Tuesday is Motorsport News day…

Click here.

Cars &Flying Nerd recommends &Sport 08 May 2007 01:43 pm

Australia’s best (general) motorsport magazine now weekly, on-line and free!

I’ve been reading Motorsport News since the first edition was published, back in 1993. I don’t think I’ve missed an issue in that time!

Reacting to changes in the publishing game, the MNews team has decided to

  • abandon the fortnightly magazine format
  • produce a weekly on-line edition (free of charge)
  • publish a monthly magazine with in-depth news and analysis.

The third on-line edition has now been released. You can access it here. It’s terrific!

If you enjoy motorsport (local and international), then I thoroughly recommend that you check out Motorsport News. Visit the site for a weekly update, but be sure to support the team’s efforts by buying the monthly magazine as well.

Sport 09 Jan 2007 09:19 pm

Twenty/20 cricket silly/silly

I’m sitting here watching the Twenty/20 cricket match from the Sydney Cricket Ground. To be honest, it’s very silly/silly. This is cricket for those with a short attention span. Lots of slogging – but very little finesse, strategy or cunning involved.

Last Wednesday, I was delighted to be invited by a long-time friend to be his guest at Day 3 of the Test Match (versus England). What a contrast! It was a day of sustained pressure applied by the Australians to their English opposition: the tail wagged and the bowlers claimed wickets. It was an example of intensive and unrelenting cricket. Engrossing.

Back to tonight… The English batsmen (perhaps in this form of the game we should call them batters) are taking to the crease now. Visibility is reduced due to fireworks smoke. The television commentator says England has two choices: slog or slog.