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Flying stuff &Miscellaneous &Nerd stuff 06 Sep 2007 09:07 pm

Model helicopter – amazing video

Music &Nerd stuff &Nerd stuff (technology) 09 Jun 2007 09:22 am


The replacement parts for my broken Rio Karma digital audio player arrived (from Karmalimbo in Canada), and the beastie is now repaired and working as well as ever.

Here’s how it all came together.

First, a picture showing the bits of my Karma after I’d opened it all up to find the problems (broken volume control buttons). This photo was taken after removing the case and disconnecting the battery (battery is the square, balck piece) but prior to removing the display and hard drive from the main (damaged) circuit board.


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Computing - general &Nerd stuff &Nerd stuff (technology) 23 May 2007 10:24 am

More gold in old computers than in gold ore; same for copper!

Every ton of discarded electronic equipment contains 17 times more gold than a ton of gold ore and 40 times more copper than a ton of copper ore. Amazing. More here.

Formula 1 &Nerd stuff 09 May 2007 12:02 pm

Red Bull closing the gap

Since the beginning of the 2007 Formula 1 season, there have been two major, multi-team test sessions (exclusing the Friday testing) – at Sepang (prior to the Malaysian Grand Prix) and, last week, at Barcelona (prior to this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix).

Lap times from the tests show that Red Bull Racing has taken a significant step forward. The team is now quicker than engine supplier Renault’s own team on most days of testing – previously, RBR was giving about a 1% lap time advantage to Renault. In fact, RBR has even been quicker than McLaren several times.

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Computing - general &Flying Nerd recommends &Nerd stuff 10 Apr 2007 11:18 am

Another screen shot utility

Window Clippings looks like a nice utility for capturing windows in either XP or Vista environments.
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Computing - general &Humour &Nerd stuff &Nonsense 12 Mar 2007 01:19 pm

New Apple product announced: iRack!

An innovative new offering from Apple?

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Computing - general &Nerd stuff 28 Feb 2007 03:35 pm

Flying Nerd working for Microsoft (without pay)

I’ve been accepted onto my first official Beta program – the Beta for Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Home Server (WHS).

The idea of WHS is that it can provide:
* centralised (and automated, if required) backup for all PCs in the home
* simple access to network-based shared (or dedicated) storage – without requiring user knowledge of drive configuration
* simplified remote access to data on networked PCs.

I’m looking forward to installing the software on my server over the next few days. I’ll keep you posted on how I find it. I’m REALLY interested as to how well this would suit an organisation such as a church with several staff.

Independent article about WHS is here.

Cars &Nerd stuff 14 Feb 2007 10:07 am

Top Gear – suggestion for a race

Last night I finished watching Top Gear’s latest ‘race’ episode. I needed a break from studying Reformation Church History. I have an exam on Sunday (part of the Moore Theological College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate).

In this episode, Jeremy Clarkson was again pitted against Captain Slow (James May) and the Hamster (Richard Hammond). The idea was to be the first to deliver a truffle from Alba in Italy to a restaurant in Central London.

Jeremy was driving the stupendous Bugatti Veyron:


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Nerd stuff 09 Feb 2007 03:57 pm

Problem watching cricket on digital TV while listening to commentary on steam radio

I don’t think there’s any easy fix for this… but maybe somebody has an idea.

I love watching and listening to cricket. Channel 9 does a fabulous job of the pictures but, apart from the oft-lampooned Richie Benaud, their commentators are pretty dull. So, like many people, I like to listen to the ABC Radio commentary while watching the TV.

Here’s the problem: TV in our home comes via a digital set top box. The combined delay caused by the encoding into digital at Channel 9 and the associated decoding to analogue for display on the TV set is around four seconds. The effect is: the words come about four seconds before the pictures. It’s a bit annoying to have the commentators calling the delivery and shot before it comes up on the telly.

I guess I could get hold of some sort of digital delay line and a stand-alone radio tuner, and set the delay on the audio to match the pics. Probably a bit too nerdy, even for me.

Anyone have a better idea?

Cars &Nerd stuff 29 Jan 2007 09:19 pm

Hamster jet car accident – the Top Gear segment

Watch and be amazed… Reason for crash is revealed – and is very obvious.

Methinks the Hamster still seems a little overwhelmed with just how fortunate he was to get away with this.

Flying stuff &Nerd stuff 23 Jan 2007 12:12 am

New windsock at Camden Airport

When I drove into Camden Airport to drop off a glider after Gliding Camp, I noticed that a new windsock had been installed. Here are a few interesting photos…

This picture shows a general view of the Holdenberg.
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Cars &Nerd stuff 10 Jan 2007 05:38 pm

Hamster looking good!

These two videos show a recent interview with Richard Hammond, the Top Gear presenter who suffered a serious brain injury when he crashed while driving a jet powered car in September 2006.

The little fella is looking really well.

Humour &Nerd stuff 08 Dec 2006 09:18 am

Compelling reason to buy a Zune – it’s crackelacken!

Computing - general &Humour &Miscellaneous &Nerd stuff 29 Nov 2006 09:26 pm

Technical education video: how modems work

My eyes have been opened. Now I want to know how this broadband thingy works…

Computing - general &Music &Nerd stuff 28 Nov 2006 11:45 am

Scathing (almost amusing) review of Microsoft Zune

I don’t have an iPod.

I do have a portable, digital music player. It’s a Rio Karma. And it’s now an orphan. Rio has effectively exited the market, and my Karma has no long term future. When it dies, I’ll either have to buy a used replacement on eBay, or join the iPod throng.

Anyway, that’s a rather irrelevant preamble…

Microsoft has introduced its own portable digital music player: the Zune.

I found this review to be amusing. And disappointing. I had hoped that maybe Microsoft would introduce a mass-market product that would avoid what I perceive to be the pitfalls of the iPod: the less-than-stellar MP3 codecs and the proprietary nature of the iTunes Music Store.

No such luck.

Guess I’ll keep hanging around out here in left field, buying ALL my music on CDs and ripping to Ogg Vorbis for playing on my orphan.

Church &Computing - general &Nerd stuff 22 Nov 2006 10:50 am

Recording Skype calls

I wrote some time ago about using Pamela to record Skype calls — particularly as an aid to keeping a church congregation in touch with sent/supported missionaries.

I’ve just seen details about another (simpler) Skype plug-in that claims to do the same thing: PowerGramo.

I haven’t used PowerGramo, and so I can’t recommend it. If you try it out, please post a comment!

Computing - general &Nerd stuff 16 Nov 2006 10:12 am

D-Link DNS-323 NAS device

In response to Neil‘s comment on my post about the Netgear SC-101 NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, I suggested that the new D-Link DNS-323 might be worth a look.
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Computing - general &Nerd stuff 14 Nov 2006 08:39 pm

Netgear Storage Central — possibly the worst computer product I have ever owned!

After a rebuild of the UltraBox (my home PC), I had a couple of 200GB IDE drives ‘spare’. I decided to make some sort of NAS (Network Attached Storage) device to allow the household’s various PCs to undertake regular backups.

Despite some (ahem) mixed reviews on various sites, I invested $155 in a Netgear SC-101 Storage Central box (see here).

The SC-101 looks like a great concept — it’s small (smaller than a toaster), cheap, flexible (supports just about any IDE drives) and promises great operational flexibility.

Downsides include the fact that it ONLY works on PCs (not Macs – but that’s not a problem for me) and it uses a proprietary file format (not FAT or NTFS – but this shouldn’t be a showstopper for a backup device).

Sadly, in reality the SC-101 delivered so much less than promised. On my Core2Duo-based machine, it failed on so many levels. I’ve attached part of my support submission here:
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Flying Nerd recommends &Flying Nerd site &Nerd stuff 10 Oct 2006 05:19 pm

Akismet spam blocker

I implemented the Akismet anti-spam technology on this site nearly a year ago.

In that time, Akismet has detected and blocked 311 spam comments. One (yes, one) spam comment got through.

I reckon that’s pretty good performance for a free tool.

Church &Family &Flying Nerd site &Flying stuff &Formula 1 &Nerd stuff 11 Sep 2006 02:12 pm


Not much happening on lately. Sorry. Been busy. And distracted.
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