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Curmudgeonliness &Movies 17 Apr 2008 09:04 pm

Honesty in communications? I don’t think so.

For some time, we’ve subscribed to the BigPond Movies DVD service. $9.95 per month for up to four DVDs sent by post, with up to two DVDs ‘with you’ at any one time. Because we’ve been subscribers for more than a year, we’re no longer under a contract. Good deal, good value. Been very happy.

Yesterday, we received an email from BigPond Movies saying:

Dear BigPond® Movies Member,
We’ve recently updated our subscription plans to make them easier to use and understand.
The major changes we’ve made are:

  • A simplified set of 4 plans that’s based on the number of DVDs you prefer to receive each month.
  • Extra DVDs per month if you elect to become a 12-month contract customer.
  • Great value if you want more DVDs per month than your current plan allows.
  • I don’t find this to be very honest. It says that they’ve upgraded the plans so that they’ll be easier to use and understand. But the plan structures are EXACTLY the same – only the numbers have changed. So they are NOT simpler to use or understand — just more expensive.

    That is, to get the same number of DVDs I used to have, I now have to pay $12.95 per month (up 30%), and if I want extra DVDs in any month, the price has risen from $2.50 to $3.00 (up 20%). And to get this much, I have to lock into a contract for twelve months. If I want to stay as a month by month customer, I pay MORE and get LESS (only three DVDs per month).

    You tell me: have they really done this to make the plans ‘easier to use and understand’?

    Movies 03 Oct 2006 12:31 pm

    Bad speed movie, good speed movie

    Over the last few days, Mrs N and I saw two speed-themed movies. One was bad, and one was good.
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    Flying Nerd recommends &Movies 28 Jul 2006 08:53 pm

    “Jindabyne” (movie)

    * raw
    * stark
    * tense
    * dark
    * beautiful
    * emotional
    * wrenching.

    Wonderful ensemble cast.

    Heart-felt attention to detail.

    No CGI special effects.

    Thoroughly recommended, but not for the children (moderate coarse language).

    Movies 18 Jul 2006 05:17 am

    Superman’s flapping cape – it’s just not right

    Went to see the new Superman flick the other night. Bit of fun.

    But I’ve been worried ever since about several aspects of the man-of-steel’s outfit. Leaving aside the whole question of underpants-on-the-outside (as my daughter would say: “It’s a look, Dad”), I’m troubled by the cape. Specifically:
    * when Superman flies in the atmosphere, the cape flaps way too slowly
    * when Superman flies in space, the cape flaps.
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    Bargains &Movies &Music &Nerd stuff 03 May 2006 07:27 am

    Surround sound speakers bargain

    I love a bargain. Who doesn’t?

    Well, here’s a bargain that I can’t use… Maybe you can.

    Uncle Steve (that’s what he calls himself) at Eastwood Hifi (one of Sydney’s few remaining specialist hifi stores) has some Celestion AVP305 5.1 speaker systems available at the special price of $990 (marked down from $3,199).
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    Movies &Nerd stuff 03 Oct 2005 06:01 pm

    Wonderful world of wireless LAN (and some movie comments)

    The Nerd has been flying again (OK, in a 747-400 piloted by someone else), and finds himself sitting in Singapore’s Changi airport, staring out at the runway, watching planes and rain.

    And thanks to free WLAN connectivity provided (intermittently) by StarHub, I can post to the Flying Nerd site. Fun, eh?
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    Movies 27 Jul 2005 10:03 am

    Nerd goes to the movies: The Life Aquatic

    At Chez Nerd, we have just subscribed to the new BigPond Movies “4 DVDs for $9.95 a month” plan. Our local video hire shop charges $7.60 for any new or recent release, so the BigPond deal seems pretty good to a penny-pinching Nerd.

    Our first DVD on the plan was The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
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