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Flying Nerd site 23 Mar 2010 03:24 am

Some comments are broken

Told you I’d break something.

Comments are currently not showing up on the ‘pages’ listed to the right. When I can figure out how I made them work with the old theme, I’ll put them back…

Update: fixed!

Flying Nerd site 23 Mar 2010 02:08 am

Flying Nerd upgades

It’s been a while since I’ve been active here on Maybe that will change.

Certainly the look and feel of the site is changing. Please bear with me as I’m sure I’ll break things along the way.

Flying Nerd site 21 Oct 2008 06:23 am

16,819 SPAM comments caught by Akismet

This site uses the Akismet anti-SPAM plugin. To date, Akismet has caught (blocked) 16,819 SPAM comments. I think it’s flagged about ten comments incorrectly — a very low error rate. Just thought you’d like to know.

Flying Nerd site 27 Jun 2007 10:51 am

Flying Nerd — 20,000 visits

In the last day or so, a significant milestone was passed here on 20,000 visits!

This site came into being on 20 July 2005. (Posts dated earlier were Formula 1 rants that I had shared previously with a group of friends.)

Some interesting stats from the last two years:
* 208 posts
* 2,968 attempted spam comments detected and filtered by Akismet (89% of all comments submitted to the site).

Flying Nerd site 17 May 2007 09:24 am

Flying Nerd updated to WordPress 2.2

I’ve updated to the latest version of the excellent WordPress content management system.

As ever, if you come across any problems, please leave a comment.

Flying Nerd site 10 Apr 2007 03:28 pm upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3

Latest bug fixes and security code. Please post a comment if you find anything broken.

Flying Nerd site 10 Apr 2007 12:16 pm

Beyond 10,000

Traffic here on seems to have picked up markedly in the last few weeks.

I noted back in February when unique site visits passed 6,000. That milestone took around 18 months (around 330 visits per month). In the last two months, the total has raced ahead to 10,000 site visits (2,000 visits per month in the last two months).

I attribute most of this acceleration to the fact that I have established and maintained a small resource page for people suffering problems when installing or running Windows Vista on computers configured for RAID on the Intel ICH family of SATA controllers.

Google Adsense revenue has now reached the princely sum of $US15.51. We eat tonight!

Flying Nerd site &Formula 1 13 Feb 2007 09:19 am

Latest Mark Webber news available now on

Looking for the latest news about Mark Webber’s 2007 Formula 1 exploits for Red Bull Racing? Look no further than!

Courtesy of Google’s AJAX News Bar, this site now includes a feed of latest news items about Mark and Red Bull Racing. Look towards the bottom of the sidebar on the right hand side.

Flying Nerd site 06 Feb 2007 02:41 pm

Nerd flies past 6,000

visitors to this site, that is…

Flying Nerd site 04 Feb 2007 10:33 am

Flying Nerd upgraded to WordPress 2.1

As ever, if you encounter a problem do please leave a comment.

Church &Flying Nerd site 13 Dec 2006 04:40 pm

Quiet here – Nerd busy

Not much happening around here for a few more days. I am once again co-ordinating Carols in the Park for Macquarie Anglican Churches.

Venue is Yamble Reserve, Quarry Road, Ryde. The event takes place at 6pm on Sunday, 17 December.

Flying Nerd site 14 Nov 2006 08:19 pm

Flying Nerd – 5,000 visits young!

Woo hoo.

Flying Nerd site 31 Oct 2006 05:08 pm

Flying Nerd upgraded

Now running WordPress 2.05. Let me know if you come across any problems.

Flying Nerd recommends &Flying Nerd site &Nerd stuff 10 Oct 2006 05:19 pm

Akismet spam blocker

I implemented the Akismet anti-spam technology on this site nearly a year ago.

In that time, Akismet has detected and blocked 311 spam comments. One (yes, one) spam comment got through.

I reckon that’s pretty good performance for a free tool.

Church &Family &Flying Nerd site &Flying stuff &Formula 1 &Nerd stuff 11 Sep 2006 02:12 pm


Not much happening on lately. Sorry. Been busy. And distracted.
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Flying Nerd site 29 Jul 2006 12:30 pm

Flying Nerd upgraded to WordPress 2.04

Please post a comment if you see anything broken.


Flying Nerd site 17 May 2006 11:27 pm

Minor upgrade to ‘look’

* Revised ‘logo’, now incorporated in header
* New typeface for header
* New ‘favicon’ (clear cache to see it)

Flying Nerd site 07 Feb 2006 03:10 pm

Flying Nerd upgraded to WordPress 2.01

Please let me know if you come across any broken links or other irregularities.

Flying Nerd site 05 Jan 2006 03:59 pm

Flying Nerd updated to WordPress 2.0

After following a relatively simple set of instructions, the Flying Nerd site has been updated to WordPress 2.0.

Users shouldn’t see much different. But the management back-end is massively upgraded and looks very nice indeed.

If you come across any issues, please add a comment to this post.

(And yes, I know there is a slight displacement to the footer. I’ll figure this out shortly and fix it.)

Computing - general &Flying Nerd site 05 Jan 2006 02:50 pm

DreamHost upgrades hosting allowances

The host that powers the Flying Nerd has just increased the storage and bandwidth allowances that apply to the $US7.95 per month plan that I use.

I am now entitled to 20GB of storage and 1TB (yes, 1,000GB give or take a bit) of data transfers monthly.

And both of these increase every week. The storage entitlement increases by 160MB every week I stay on the plan. And the data transfer allowance increases by 8GB every week I stay on the plan.

The price has not gone up.

At first glance, it all seems to be too good to be true.

But since I am not even vaguely close to the old limits (and I suspect that MOST DreamHost customers aren’t close either), these fabulously high limits have no real meaning in my world.

Pity no Australian hosts have plans that are even remotely as cost effective as this.

If you’d like to signuup with DreamHost, click here and the Flying Nerd gets a little gift from DreamHost.

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