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Curmudgeonliness &Humour 02 Oct 2008 01:14 pm

NSW Health advice on how to deal with hot days

The following advice about what to do on a hot day, provided by NSW Health, appeared on the Sydney Morning Herald web site today:

“Our tips are that you need to drink more fluids, particularly water.

“Staying indoors in an air-conditioned place is a good idea, having cool showers if needed, wearing lightweight clothing.”

I wish I’d thought of that!

Curmudgeonliness &Movies 17 Apr 2008 09:04 pm

Honesty in communications? I don’t think so.

For some time, we’ve subscribed to the BigPond Movies DVD service. $9.95 per month for up to four DVDs sent by post, with up to two DVDs ‘with you’ at any one time. Because we’ve been subscribers for more than a year, we’re no longer under a contract. Good deal, good value. Been very happy.

Yesterday, we received an email from BigPond Movies saying:

Dear BigPond® Movies Member,
We’ve recently updated our subscription plans to make them easier to use and understand.
The major changes we’ve made are:

  • A simplified set of 4 plans that’s based on the number of DVDs you prefer to receive each month.
  • Extra DVDs per month if you elect to become a 12-month contract customer.
  • Great value if you want more DVDs per month than your current plan allows.
  • I don’t find this to be very honest. It says that they’ve upgraded the plans so that they’ll be easier to use and understand. But the plan structures are EXACTLY the same – only the numbers have changed. So they are NOT simpler to use or understand — just more expensive.

    That is, to get the same number of DVDs I used to have, I now have to pay $12.95 per month (up 30%), and if I want extra DVDs in any month, the price has risen from $2.50 to $3.00 (up 20%). And to get this much, I have to lock into a contract for twelve months. If I want to stay as a month by month customer, I pay MORE and get LESS (only three DVDs per month).

    You tell me: have they really done this to make the plans ‘easier to use and understand’?

    Computing - general &Curmudgeonliness 24 Jul 2007 10:50 am

    Laser printer drum needs replacing. Solution: buy new printer!

    I’ve been using a Brother HL-2040 laser printer for the last couple of years. It’s a small, cheap (available these days for under $100 after not too much shopping around) and fast (up to 20ppm) printer that produces good quality. Frankly, I’ve been very happy with it.

    The toner cartridges for this printer cost around $75 (for the genuine item), and last for around 2,500 pages. That results in a fairly average cost per page.

    The image transfer drum lasts for 12,000 pages, and costs around $120 (genuine item — once again, with not too much shopping around). In other words, the total price for a set of consumables is just on $200.

    Remember… a whole printer with cartridge and drum costs under $100.

    I’ve just inserted a toner cartridge, and my drum is up to 10,000 prints. In other words, when this toner runs out, the drum will be dead. (I’m not sure whether the printer’s software will disable printing until the drum is replaced.)

    The only economically sensible thing to do will be to throw out a perfectly serviceable printer and buy a new one.

    How silly is that?

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    Church &Curmudgeonliness 11 Apr 2007 05:02 pm

    Easter Bunny is ‘too Christian’. Eh?

    Now this is really silly.

    A school in Rhode Island (USA, where else?) has banned the Easter Bunny for being ‘too Christian’. They have replaced him/her with ‘Peter Rabbit’.

    Maybe I’m missing the point, gentle readers, but it seems to me that the Easter Bunny:
    * represents a crass commercialisation that adds nothing to the most significant of Christian celebrations
    * would not be missed by most Christians if some sort of religious myxomatosis were to take hold.

    Don’t get me wrong — the eggs at least have the potential to make a point (new life, etc.). I don’t have a problem with using eggs to mark Easter. But who ever heard of eggs coming from rabbits?

    I guess the point is this: the Easter Bunny isn’t a Christian symbol. Banning the Bunny for being ‘too Christian’ is just another case of political correctness gone mad.