Music 06 Nov 2005 11:16 am

New music: women sing Finn Brothers (Tim and Neil)

I celebrated my second 21st birthday a week or so ago. One of my gifts was the newly-released CD: She will have her way: the songs of Tim and Neil Finn.

This is a terrific CD. It’s made up entirely of cover versions of songs written by the Tim and/or Neil Finn down the years, all performed by women from Australia and New Zealand. Most of the performances are delightfully unplugged. Many are innovative — not just slavishly following the original versions of the songs. I’ve just listened to it start-to-finish while on a nice long walk, and I was entranced. Some highlights (in my opinion):
* Missy Higgins: Stuff and nonsense
* Lisa Miller: I hope I never (very cool)
* Sarah Blasko: Don’t dream it’s over (normally one of my least favourite Finn songs)
* Sophie Koh: Charlie (a very different interpretation compared to the haunting old version).

Samples are available here (HMV’s site). Have a listen.

I noticed that there is a 2-CD special edition available that includes all the original versions on the second disc.

I have two other CDs of a similar nature (other performers covering an artist’s work), and recommend them both as well:

Bespoke Songs, Lost Dogs, Detours & Rendezvous — Songs of Elvis Costello

The Women at the Well — The Songs of Paul Kelly

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