Video editing 01 Sep 2005 09:52 pm

Ulead offers MediaStudio Pro 8 beta trial

Update (21 Sep 05): The final version has been released (see post above) and the Beta has been withdrawn. Try before you buy is available here.

Ulead Systems has released it’s high-end video editing software for general (public) beta trial.

I’ve been using MediaStudio Pro 7 for some time now. While somewhat tricky to use, the availability of unlimited overlays offers tremendous editing flexibility. I must admit, however, that I found the A/B editing paradigm somewhat clunky. (Under A/B editing, clips with a transition between have to be on different video tracks. That’s easy enough to do when you start out on a project, but gets messy when you want to add or delete a clip later on.)

MSP 8 retains the unlimited overlays, but introduces single track editing. Should be a big improvement, I think.

Many other improvements are promised. Why not download the beta here and give it a go.

Remember, if you decide to buy at some time, do the Nerd a favour and buy through the link on this site.

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