Formula 1 12 Jul 2009 12:57 pm

Webber on pole – great chance to win German Grand Prix.

Mark Webber today enjoys probably his best chance (to date) to break his Grand Prix duck. He starts from pole position in the German Grand Prix.

In Mark’s favour are the following factors:

  1. he’s heavier than both the Brawn GP cars (they qualified second and third) — so he should be able to stay ahead through the pit stops (a lightly-fuelled car starting from pole can often be overtaken in the first round of pit stops when a more heavily-fuelled competitor stays out longer and runs faster at the end of the ‘stint’)
  2. the first KERS-equipped car is two rows behind (A KERS car can release stored energy at the start to achieve a quick getaway)
  3. if it’s raining heavily (possible) and the race starts behind the safety car, then Webber will have a huge visibility advantage, and following cars won’t be able to mount much of a challenge into the first corner
  4. Webber’s car is the same weight as team-mate Vettel’s — this should mean that the team will give Mark the most favourable timing for the first pit stop (assuming he’s leading at that stage).

At this point, I hark back to the encouraging words that Australia offered to Wayne Gardner as he approached the 500cc motorcycle world championship in 1987, and urge simply:

Win it, Mark.

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