Formula 1 20 Oct 2008 08:40 am

Team orders in F1

The FIA’s Formula 1 Sporting Regulations state (at Article 39.1):

39.1 Team orders which interfere with a race result are prohibited.

In the post-race press conference following yesterday’s Chinese Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, being quizzed as to whether he had followed ‘team orders’ and allowed Felipe Massa to overtake him towards the end of the race, said:

I mean we know what we want as a team and that’s what we did it.


Like I said, I know what the team expects and I know what we want which are results. It is racing and I have nothing to lose or win in a way. I am driving for the team, so it is a normal situation.


I know what the team expects from me and I’m happy to try to achieve the maximum points for the team, what we need.


Now, I don’t have a problem with what Ferrari did yesterday — they clearly optimised their chance of taking the Driver’s World Championship at the last race of the year, in Brazil. But, it seems to me that what they did was against the regulations. Should Ferrari be punished? Is the FIA turning a blind eye to Ferrari once again?

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