Music &Nerd stuff (technology) 14 Aug 2008 09:46 am

Portable music player — avoiding an iPod?

My trusty old Rio Karma is nearing the end of its useful life, so I’m starting to think about an upgrade.

The ‘easy’ solution would be simply to buy an iPod. Since I’m looking for something with more than 20GB of solid state (not hard drive) storage, the ‘best fit’ iPod for me would seem to be a 32GB iPod Touch. And it’s a lovely looking piece of kit — but really expensive ($A629). And then there are my pet iPod peeves:

  • limited audio format support (I’d like my device to be able to play a format that offers higher quality than MP3 at a given bit rate — maybe AAC fits the bill, but I’m not yet convinced)
  • iTunes and all the associated DRM issues (I don’t buy compressed music — everything in my existing player is ripped from CDs that I own (no copies), so I don’t need access to an online store with wide range of downloadable music).

So… I’m contemplating staying outside the iPod ecosystem. I’m seriously considering the Creative Zen 32GB player, which can be had for $A319.

If you have thoughts or experiences, let me know.

3 Responses to “Portable music player — avoiding an iPod?”

  1. on 14 Aug 2008 at 15:25 (Sydney) 1.Neil A said …

    I agree Richard!
    While I have an iPod, I’ve now banned iTunes totally and just use the pod as a portable hard drive MP3 player…

    If the form factor works for you, go with non-Apple!

  2. on 14 Aug 2008 at 22:34 (Sydney) 2.Tim said …

    My brother-in-law bought a 20Gb device (can’t remember the brand), but he was able to flash it with an open source operating system. Really expanded its capabilities. Doesn’t solve your problem, but i thought it was interesting. Neil – are you in an anti-apple mood today? (I’ve just come from Simon’s blog 🙂

  3. on 19 Sep 2008 at 3:38 (Sydney) 3.James said …

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