Miscellaneous 29 Aug 2007 08:04 am

Hello, I’m still here

I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. Many things have happened at once, namely:

So, sorry for the absence, Nerd-fans. I hope to have some interesting items for you all over the next few days.

3 Responses to “Hello, I’m still here”

  1. on 30 Aug 2007 at 13:23 (Sydney) 1.Keith said …

    Hey there FN. How did the exam go?

  2. on 30 Aug 2007 at 13:28 (Sydney) 2.Richard said …

    Greetings, Keith. What’s happened to Zog?

    I THINK the exam went OK. I had much less time to study that I would have liked, with one thing and another… Reckon I should be OK for a reasonable result, though.

    How’s the TV situation? And the internet? Did the Telstra DSL thing work?


  3. on 30 Aug 2007 at 22:00 (Sydney) 3.Zog said …

    I guess I can still publish, even though that email address doesn’t exist anymore!

    The big TV has been retired, the old little TV gets decent reception, so we’re living with that at the moment!

    Internet – Virgin has decided to work again, and has worked for 4 days in a row. Their trial period has been extended to 60 days, so we’ll keep that on for the moment. Unwired will be retired. DSL – will follow up either tomorrow or Monday.