Nerd stuff 08 Aug 2005 02:18 pm

Cheapest computer bits and pieces in Sydney

From time to time, I like to buy bits and pieces for my home computer. Hard disc here. Stick of RAM there. You know how it goes.

In recent years, I have shopped at:

AusPCMarket: great range, great site. Good place for hard-to-find PC innards.

PC Market: good range, good prices.

The North Rocks computer market: held on Sundays in the Westfield shopping centre at North Rocks. Prices can be pretty good, but you need to be comfortable in crowds. I always worry about warranty issues when dealing with these guys. And frankly, I found it cheaper to shop at…

FluidtekIT: I call this guy the Computer Nazi. It’s not a comment about his beliefs or politics — it’s a reference to Seinfeld’s famous Soup Nazi. Place your order at the counter, take two steps to the left, receive your goods and be on your way. Don’t expect any degree of service: it’s not on offer. And don’t be surprised if you walk out with more than you intended to buy. The proprietor has the gift-of-the-gab and up-sells like he’s spent a year at the McDonalds University. I once saw a guy who went in to buy a box for storing 20 CDs walk out with enough boxes to store 600! He said: “I know I’m being conned, but I just can’t resist.” The big thing about the Computer Nazi is: I have never found anywhere that’s cheaper.

Let me know if you can do better.

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