Formula 1 28 Feb 2007 12:09 pm

Red Bull no better in Bahrain

Most of the F1 teams have commenced the final week of pre-season testing this week in Bahrain.

Once again, Mark Webber’s Red Bull Racing team is languishing towards the bottom of the time sheets. I’ve updated the analysis again, which you can see by clicking on the thumbnail below:


I see no progress here. Red Bull is still 2% slower than McLaren, and 1% slower than Renault. And the real situation is maybe a little worse, because:

* both Ferrari drivers went quicker than McLaren overnight (so comparing RBR against McLaren isn’t a comparison against the fastest car on the day)
* Renault driver Heikki Kovalainen had a huge accident (he was unhurt), which meant he covered only 19 laps on the day – there will surely have been distraction in the Renault garage while repairs on his car began.

It’s looking grim for Webber. Just as well I have another team to support (Williams) – their testing results have been looking quite good. In fact, it seems that Williams may be faster than Toyota, their engine supplier! That will be an interesting situation to watch during the year.

(And Scott C, if you’re reading, your Honda boys aren’t looking too flash, either…)

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