Church 09 Jan 2007 09:41 pm

Carols in the Park

A few weeks ago, I commented about Carols in the Park. Thought I’d share a couple of images (thanks to Max W for the photos) from the event.

First, here’s a photo of your correspondent wearing a subtle disguise…


And here’s one that’s harder to explain…


Let’s just say that the monkey graduated from Moore Theological College – and he did have a great Gospel message!

3 Responses to “Carols in the Park”

  1. on 10 Jan 2007 at 16:58 (Sydney) 1.Zog said …

    Hmmmm…. that looks familiar!

    I think I was having a bad fur day, just quietly.

  2. on 10 Jan 2007 at 18:10 (Sydney) 2.Richard said …

    Hey, Zoggo,

    Looks like you signed in with a different email address – your Gravatar is missing. Previously you used, and this time you used


  3. on 11 Jan 2007 at 18:49 (Sydney) 3.Zog said …

    doh – try this