Computing - general &Music &Nerd stuff 28 Nov 2006 11:45 am

Scathing (almost amusing) review of Microsoft Zune

I don’t have an iPod.

I do have a portable, digital music player. It’s a Rio Karma. And it’s now an orphan. Rio has effectively exited the market, and my Karma has no long term future. When it dies, I’ll either have to buy a used replacement on eBay, or join the iPod throng.

Anyway, that’s a rather irrelevant preamble…

Microsoft has introduced its own portable digital music player: the Zune.

I found this review to be amusing. And disappointing. I had hoped that maybe Microsoft would introduce a mass-market product that would avoid what I perceive to be the pitfalls of the iPod: the less-than-stellar MP3 codecs and the proprietary nature of the iTunes Music Store.

No such luck.

Guess I’ll keep hanging around out here in left field, buying ALL my music on CDs and ripping to Ogg Vorbis for playing on my orphan.

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