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Mazda 3 MPS – how fast are you going right now?

With fuel prices spiralling, a young man’s fancy turns away from V8s and four wheel drives to hot hatches.

Mazda’s new Mazda3 MPS looks liks a piping-hot hatch, with its 190kW turbo engine. Most reviewers comment that this is far and away the hottest of the current breed of hatches – and there’s plenty of competition. But check out the speedo…

Mazda 3 MPS instruments

With a range of 0 – 280 km/h spread over only (about) 200 degrees of the possible arc of pointer travel, this crazy instrument would make it almost impossible to accurately read and maintain speed at (say) 40km/h in a School Zone.

Surely the most sensible design approach would be to:
* maximise the use of available instrument space by placing the top speed as far as possible in the clockwise direction of rotation
* use a non-linear graduation of the instrument (easy in an electronic speedo) so that (say) the first half of the needle’s travel shows speeds from 0 – 100km/h, and the second half of the travel shows 100 – [maximum] km/h
* show a sensible maximum speed (there’s no way this car would ever get to 280km/h – even down hill with a tail wind!).

Frankly, Mazda, this is just silly.

4 Responses to “Mazda 3 MPS – how fast are you going right now?”

  1. on 02 Dec 2006 at 7:00 (Sydney) 1.Jason W. said …

    Actually, the 3 MPS has been proven to run up to 162 MPH which is very close to 280 KM/h: 280 KM/h = 174 MPH

  2. on 02 Dec 2006 at 8:32 (Sydney) 2.Richard said …

    Fair enough. But I stand by my comment that the speedo layout is plain silly.

  3. on 04 Jun 2007 at 13:47 (Sydney) 3.Csum said …

    Agreed, the 280km\h on the spedo realy needed to be down near the 0 somewhere.

    You get used to it…..

  4. on 23 Jun 2007 at 16:54 (Sydney) 4.Allan said …

    It appears in Australia, the speedo is out but 10% anyway. I found driving at 100 kph my Garman GPS said I was only doing 91. This also explained why so many others where overtaking me..
    Asked Mazda to correct it, they said, NO cannot do that it is within Australian Specs.!!!