Flying Nerd site 25 Jul 2005 05:47 pm

Gravatars are enabled

The Flying Nerd site now supports Gravatars (Globally Recognised Avatars) which will be associated with your comments.

Do you have one?

6 Responses to “Gravatars are enabled”

  1. on 27 Jul 2005 at 17:05 (Sydney) 1.Zog said …

    Have applied for a Gravatar – awaiting approval. How does this site know to put that particular picture up? Is it a combination of name + website?

  2. on 27 Jul 2005 at 17:06 (Sydney) 2.Zog said …

    sorry, I meant ‘name+email?’

  3. on 27 Jul 2005 at 20:50 (Sydney) 3.Richard said …

    Just email address.

    The FN site checks polls the Gravatars site using your email address and, if there’s a Gravatar there, inserts the Gravatar into the front of your comment.

    There is a comment from Neil on the Revelation topic where you can see it in action.

    My own Gravatar is still awaiting approval (using the address) — it’ll pop up soon enough.


  4. on 29 Jul 2005 at 9:31 (Sydney) 4.Zog said …

    Hehe – check it out!

  5. on 29 Jul 2005 at 10:45 (Sydney) 5.Richard said …

    Well done, Zog, You are now a member of the Internet. If you post on (say) Westserve, your glorious visage will appear there also.

  6. on 04 Aug 2005 at 18:03 (Sydney) 6.Lizzie said …

    How do I get one?