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Bargains &Flying Nerd recommends 29 Aug 2007 08:24 am

Topfield SD PVR boxes now on sale

At the House of Nerds, we love our Topfield PVR. It allows us to simultaneously record two TV programs (to hard disc drive) while watching another previously-recorded program.

Frankly, the Toppy has revolutionised our (actually quite limited) TV viewing. It’s now unusual for us to watch anything in real time. We tend to set things to record, and then either (i) watch them later or (ii) start watching the beginning of the recording while the recording is in progress. In both of these scenarios, the Toppy allows us to skip over advertisements almost instantly.

The good news for you late adopters is that Topfield Australia now has SD (standard definition) PVRs on sale for $399 — see here. Unless you have a HD-capable display device (plasma, LCD, CRT), the SD Toppy is probably all you need — SD produces surprisingly good quality in most situations. And when you team up the Toppy with a few community-generated add-in programs (known as TAPs), you have a very usable and worthwhile box.


Bargains &Computing - general 24 Jul 2006 10:46 pm

Photo paper, anyone?

I’ve tried a few different photo papers in my ink-jet printer. The best I’ve found is the top of the range Kodak paper: Ultima.

To secure a great price, I’ve ordered a carton of the stuff (10 packs, each containing 60 sheets of 6″ x 4″ paper). When it gets here (in a few days), I’ll be happy to share the love by on-selling a few packs. This paper normally retails for around $A30 per pack. If I know you and you’re interested in some of this paper at less than half that price, post a comment or drop me an email for details.

Bargains &Computing - general &Nerd stuff 18 May 2006 01:47 am

20 inch BenQ widescreen LCD monitor under $500 – how low can they go?


Die, CRT, die!

Bargains &Computing - general 09 May 2006 05:33 am

Flying Nerd bargain spotting service: colour laser printers

Fuji Xerox has a $200 ‘cash back’ promotion on their popular Docuprint C525A colour laser printer. Details here. If you are looking for a colour laser printer, this could be quite a good deal.
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Bargains &Movies &Music &Nerd stuff 03 May 2006 07:27 am

Surround sound speakers bargain

I love a bargain. Who doesn’t?

Well, here’s a bargain that I can’t use… Maybe you can.

Uncle Steve (that’s what he calls himself) at Eastwood Hifi (one of Sydney’s few remaining specialist hifi stores) has some Celestion AVP305 5.1 speaker systems available at the special price of $990 (marked down from $3,199).
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