Flying stuff 11 Jan 2006 06:26 pm

Nerd flying at Forbes

After a few busy weeks at home (Christmas, Test Match, sermon preparation), this week the Nerd really is flying!

I have travelled to Forbes (central western NSW, south west of Parkes) to participate in the Southern Cross Gliding Club’s annual camp.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my first flying day. I flew the club’s DG-303 glider. It was a good (not great) day. I flew to Narromine and back (260km) as did 5 other club members. But the day wasn’t good enough for the 500km flight I had ‘declared’ (Forbes – Narromine – Cootamundra – Forbes). Maybe another day.

Here I am strapped in ready for take off. Note my new Guantanamo-orange flying suit.

Nerd set to fly

Sharing the airfield with us this week are several helicopters, engaged in various firefighting tasks in the area. Here are a couple of photos.

Forbes 1 007.jpg

Forbes 1 002.jpg

Today (Wednesday) I felt a little queasy and chose not to fly. Those who did had short flights before scampering home as a change arrived.

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