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Buying Ulead video editing software in Australia

I use and recommend Ulead video editing software.

For low-end, quick-and-dirty jobs, VideoStudio 9 is just what you want. It’s pretty stable, has a good set of features, reasonable flexibility and a moderatley flexible DVD burning engine.

For high-end (non-professional) editing, it’s hard (for the price) to go past MediaStudio Pro 7. (But note that MSP8 is on the way — it’s already being spoken about in the forums.)

I have used both VS9 and MSP7 for home videos and for videos produced for church. If you know me and are interested, ask to see the results!

Problem is, if you live in Australia, these products are WAY too expensive to buy.

It seems to me that this is down to the arrangements that Ulead has made with the distributors. Some time ago, I posted to the Media Studio Pro User Group (MUG) on this subject. Here’s what I had to say (in April):

Living in Oz is a great reason NOT to order the box version of ANY Ulead video editing product. Ulead seems to be pretty poorly served by its local distributor (actually ‘distributor’ is a misnomer in this case — these guys seem much more interested in keeping products on the shelf in the warehouse!).

Examples (all prices include cheapest available shipping option to Sydney, and are in $A):


Download from Ulead:

* VS9 new install: $A143
* VS9 upgrade: $A65

Box product ordered via

* VS9 new install: $A186
* VS9 upgrade: $A108

And finally, mail order from a large local reseller (City Software):

* VS9 new install: $A190
* VS9 upgrade: $A101

Conclusion for VS9
Best buy is to download from Ulead — if you have the time and a broadband connection.


[and this is where things are REALLY crazy]

Download from Ulead

* MSP7 new install: $A383
* MSP7 upgrade (from MSP): $A194

Box product ordered via (includes $A43 DHL international shipping)

* MSP7 new install: $A426
* MSP7 upgrade (from MSP): $A237

Recommended retail price from local distributor (box product)

* MSP7 new install: $A1,150 [3 x price for download]
* MSP7 upgrade (from MSP): $A not stated

Mail order from a large local reseller

* MSP7 new install: $A1,080 [2.8 x download]
* MSP7 upgrade (from MSP): $A544 [2.3 x download]

Conclusion for MSP:
Direct purchase from Ulead is the ONLY viable option. At the download prices, or even if you pay the international shipping fee, MSP is UNBEATABLE VALUE for a multi-track, fully-flexible pro/prosumer product. But unless you visit the Ulead site, you’d never know. All the local magazines use pricing and review samples provided by the local distributor, and these prices are roughly three times as high as the direct purchase price. Stacked up against Premiere Pro (which sells for around $A1,300), MSP7 (distributor’s recommended price is $A1,150) doesn’t look so hot. But at $A383 by download, it’s a sure-fire, can’t be beaten bargain.

2 Responses to “Buying Ulead video editing software in Australia”

  1. on 08 Aug 2005 at 17:06 (Sydney) 1.Chris Brown said …

    Hey, I recommended more than 50 people to buy Ulead and never got a cent!

  2. on 08 Aug 2005 at 20:55 (Sydney) 2.Richard said …

    Welcome to the Flying Nerd, Brown-san.

    Before you send anybody else to Ulead, you’d better sign up with the affiliate program, here: You too can ‘monetize your site’s traffic’. Or just include a link in an email you send.

    Then again, your ‘independent advice’ may be seen as tainted by your commercial interest (being 20% of the value of the sale).