Flying Nerd site 06 Nov 2005 10:44 am

Comment Spam — aaarrrggghhhh

The Flying Nerd site has been active for some time now and has been blissfully free of comment spam. Until yesterday, that is.

Since the middle of yesterday, spambots have attempted to post probably 40 comments on this site. In each case, the (proposed) comment was just a one or two digit number, plus a hyperlink to another site (usually a cash advance or either financial shark site).

WordPress on this site is set up in such a way that nobody’s first comment gets published until I’ve moderated it — so none of this junk is getting ‘on air’. My inbox, on the other hand, has been congested with comment moderation requests.

Fear not, gentle readers, a solution is at hand. The Flying Nerd will soon adopt the Akismet comment spam blocking methodology. Just waiting to receive my logon details so that I can register for the service. I’ll let you know how succesfully Akismet weeds out the spam.

3 Responses to “Comment Spam — aaarrrggghhhh”

  1. on 06 Nov 2005 at 11:15 (Sydney) 1.Simon said …

    Do you get any referrer spam? If you have a stats package for your site, you might find visitors to your site seemingly linked from sites about poker or diet pills.

    TextPattern seems to cope well with comment spam. The simple mechanism of showing a preview without submitting the comment seems to fool the comment spam bots.

  2. on 07 Nov 2005 at 13:26 (Sydney) 2.Richard said …

    Interestingly, no visitors from such nasty places.

    A few have dropped in from, but nothing nasty that I can see!

    And of course, now that I have installed Akismet, the spambots have stopped visiting…

  3. on 08 Apr 2006 at 14:50 (Sydney) 3.JiggaDigga said …

    Great reading, keep up the great posts.
    Peace, JiggaDigga