Formula 1 27 Sep 2005 07:28 pm – Dennis ambivalent about Alonso

Ron Dennis claims here: – Dennis ambivalent about Alonso that it’s not sour grapes when he says newly crowned World Champion Fernando ALonso isn’t as good as his drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Ron, you’ve got it wrong this time, son.

Fernando has driven a great year. He won when he needed to win, and he stayed on the track all year (Canada excepted). He is a truly worthy champ.

As for Montoya… let’s see…
* ‘tennis injury’
* ‘brake test’ incident at Monaco
* ‘red light’ incident in Canada
* qualifying incident in Germany
* etc.

Raikkonen dosen’t do as many ‘silly’ things, but his lack of composure when the chips are down and poor PR performances don’t point to a superior overall package.

What do YOU think?

One Response to “ – Dennis ambivalent about Alonso”

  1. on 28 Sep 2005 at 10:12 (Sydney) 1.Peter said …

    I could think of all sorts of cliche’s to descibe Renault vs. McLaren this year, such as “slow and steady wins the [championship]” perhaps?

    McLaren has had the fastest car but Renault has more reliably acheived podium finishes. The main thing that secured the drivers championship for Renault has been their flying start at the beginning of the season. Further, Montoya’s substitutes (de la Rossa & Wurz) have shown that anyone can drive the MP4-20 fast and score points.

    For sure, Alonso is not Schumacher (compare Spa 2004 vs. Hungary 2005); but he shouldn’t be denied the magnitude of his acheivements.

    Finally, I find Räikkönen a boring driver – he really is the iceman.