Formula 1 10 May 2005 10:25 am

F1 Round 5 (Spanish GP) Rant

Greetings, F1 fans,

Well, let’s start with the BAR Honda situation.

Truth be told, it’s hard to be sure about this one. The technical evidence seems to point to a deliberate cheat, but the arithmetic seems to suggest that the car was heavy enough during the (Imola) race. All in all, I reckon that the tribunal came up with a pretty good penalty. Strong enough to be a deterrent to other rule-stretchers, yet not so strong as to put the team out for a year.

And now to Spain (in a hurry).

Kimi: great drive. Car looked strong all weekend. Check out the tyres at the end of the race — that is a car that uses tyres well. And that’s the difference.

Fernando: looked off the pace. I reckon he will be glad that Monaco is NOT a power circuit — looks to me like he has a dud engine at present.

Giancarlo: great drive. Pity about the nose damage/problem.

Jarno: also a good drive. Well done.

Ralf: BGB again.

JPM: will be lucky to see out the season driving the car if he doesn’t lift his game: big spin, slow lap times in clear air (early). The faulty fuel hose doesn’t give him an excuse for a lacklustre wide-boy performance.

Massa: nice and steady…

JV: ho hum. Too slow. Can’t even line up right on the grid. retire and give someone else a go.

Minardi: synchronised stalling. What a joke. 6 seconds off the pace. Is this a new car or what?

Jordan: dud drivers in a dud car.

Heidfeld: hampered by BMW engine woes. What was that all about anyway: we don’t have enough engines at the track???

Mark: great quali performance (albeit a light car). Note that this was legitimately light, not BAR-light… Car is still a dud over long distances. Frank said so last week: it’s not the drivers, it’s the car. No wonder BMW is talking to Sauber… 40 aero tweaks and it still has the following problems: bad start line systems, uses tyres poorly, aero too sensitive when following others. Did you note on the on-board shots that: most cars were regularly exceeding 18,000 RPM during the race, but Williams did not have the tachometer on display, just the G-meter. I reckon they may also have a race-long engine problem that they are trying to hide. Looks like short term revs are OK but over a race I think they are de-tuned too far.

Ferrari: have built themselves a Williams for this year. Like the curate’s egg: good in parts. Bad on tyres (how do they get away with calling that ‘loss of air’?). Michael drove well as usual, but couldn’t get speed consistently. Rubens smiled and took a Codral (soldier on…).

RBR: about what’s expected.

Jenson and Taku: missing somewhere. Probably taking the lead out of the special helmets they use driver weighings… Or welding metal bars on the ‘non-flexible’ aero elements… Or re-coding the launch control software so that the FIA can’t find it…

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