Church &Curmudgeonliness 11 Apr 2007 05:02 pm

Easter Bunny is ‘too Christian’. Eh?

Now this is really silly.

A school in Rhode Island (USA, where else?) has banned the Easter Bunny for being ‘too Christian’. They have replaced him/her with ‘Peter Rabbit’.

Maybe I’m missing the point, gentle readers, but it seems to me that the Easter Bunny:
* represents a crass commercialisation that adds nothing to the most significant of Christian celebrations
* would not be missed by most Christians if some sort of religious myxomatosis were to take hold.

Don’t get me wrong — the eggs at least have the potential to make a point (new life, etc.). I don’t have a problem with using eggs to mark Easter. But who ever heard of eggs coming from rabbits?

I guess the point is this: the Easter Bunny isn’t a Christian symbol. Banning the Bunny for being ‘too Christian’ is just another case of political correctness gone mad.

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