Computing - general 03 Apr 2007 03:55 pm

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite – don’t use a download manager

Checkpoint has released an update to my Internet security suite-of-choice: ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite (ZAISS). So I downloaded it, of course.

I’m a latecomer to ‘download managers’, but I’m also a convert. A download manager uses technical jiggery-pokery to make downloads go faster and happen more reliably. The jiggery-pokery has two main parts:

  • the download manager breaks the target file into chunks and downloads the chunks in parallel
  • the download manager is able to detect failed downloading of any chunk and restart said chunk.

As if by magic, downloads handled by a good downlaod manager really are faster and more reliable.

I use Flashget as my download manager, and Flashget is integrated into Firefox by Flashgot! Together, they just work. Usually.

But somehow, this combination reliably messed up the download of my ZAISS update. Every time I tried to run the update, I got error messages stating that certain dll files couldn’t be found. Inspection of the temp directories showed the dll files to be present and correct.

I searched the Internet, and tried all sorts of fancy-pants approaches to fixing installation problems. In the end, I stumbled upon an old post that said ‘don’t use a download manager when downloading ZAISS’.

To be honest, I really didn’t think it would make any difference. But it sure did. As soon as I allowed the download to happen without Flashget intervention, things were sweet. ZAISS installed 100% correctly at the very next attempt.

As the septics would say: go figure.

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