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Thinking about Microsoft Office 2007

By all accounts, Microsoft’s new Office 2007 suite is something pretty special. Apparently the new user interface paradigm (hey, I am a marketing guy!) exposes more functionality than ever before. I reckon this would be a good thing for the modern e-family. All four of us make pretty extensive use of Office applications in many aspects of our lives. So, what would it cost us to upgrade our current fleet of PCs to Office 2007?

The girls’ PC has three Office apps installed: Word, Excel and Powerpoint (from the Student and Teacher 2003 edition – which includes licences for three computers). The girls use Outlook Express for email. The new Home and Student 2007 edition (which also includes three licences) will be fine in this case — the removal of Outlook from Home and Student 2007 (compared to Student and Teacher) is not a problem for the girls.

The main home computer has a second licence for Student and Teacher 2003 on it – but we use Outlook to manage our very busy email accounts. If we install Home and Student 2007, we’ll also want to get hold of Outlook 2007 separately. I think we’ll qualify for the Academic edition at home.

My work laptop needs Small Business Edition 2007 or Standard Edition 2007. Looks like the cheapest approach will be to buy the OEM version of SBE 2007 plus the media kit (total $352) versus the Standard Edition upgrade ($377). [Note that Microsoft seems to have relaxed the rules regarding OEM software: it’s no longer necessary to purchase OEM software with hardware – you just need to take on the responsibility for installing it yourself.]

All up, the total will be:

Office Home and Student x 1: $217

Office Outlook Academic x 1: $84

Office SBE OEM (inc media) x 1: $352

Total: $653

[Prices are from the City Software site.]

I don’t think we’ll rush into it.

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