Computing - general &Flying Nerd recommends 06 Feb 2007 02:32 pm

Fabulous little screenshot application

UPDATE 14 FEB 07: Version 2 is out and it’s not free any more. Still a great little app…

Like many computer nerds, I find myself often wanting to take a screenshot of an application window or just a small region of the screen. Like everybody who has ever tried this, I have found Windows (XP)’s built-in ‘print screen’ function to be woefully inadequate.

Well, here‘s a beaut little tool that’s free for non-commercial use: WinSnap.

WinSnap allows you to capture:

* the whole screen, or
* a user selected part of the screen, or
* an application window, or even
* a collection of application windows.

With this tool, you can

* capture windows with rounded corners (without having the capture ‘square up’ the corners
* rotate the captured windows
* add drop shadows
* add watermarks.

If you take screenshots, you WILL find this application useful.



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