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Thinking about Vista

Being a nerd, new stuff interests me.

I’ve steered clear of the Windows Vista beta programs as I just don’t have a computer in the house that can ‘go down’ without impacting other family members. But now that Vista is released and the upgrade pricing (particularly for the Academic version — which is applicable in many home situations) is not too bad, I’m thinking about and planning for the upgrade.

There are many devices connected to my PC that may or may not be Vista compatible, and many pieces of software likewise. I’ll use this post (which I’ll update from time to time) to track the potential showstoppers and their solutions (if solutions exist).

Hardware (in no particular order – just working around the desk from left to right)

Agfa ScapScan 1212U
: Agfa stopped making and supporting scanners in 2001. They haven’t produced updated drivers since then. Apparently VueScan supports more than 700 different scanners (the SnapScan 1212U is on the list), and runs under Vista.

Brother HL-2040 printer: drivers and software for Vista are available from Brother.

HP iPAQ H-2210 PDA: probably OK using the new Vista sync software. More research needed.

MSI StarCam 370i web camera: who knows? Nothing on the MSI web site… Only cost me $19, so all will not be lost. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor says this camera should work OK.
Contour Shuttle Pro video edit controller (jog wheel): who knows? Nothing on the Contour web site. I’ve sent an email query. UPDATE 1 Feb: Vista drivers to be released this month.

Rio Karma digital music player: information on various forums suggests that the Karma and associated Rio Music Manager software work OK under Vista.

Plantronics USB headset: uses a standard Windows driver, so should present no problems.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000: Vista software is available from Microsoft.

Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro: disappeard from the specific supported hardware lists for IntelliType some time ago, but still seems to work fine. Intellitype has been updated for Vista, so I don’t anticipate a problem here.

Epson Stylus Photo R230 printer: still a current product, so should be OK.

Canon Powershot S45 camera
: even if Canon doesn’t release drivers, generic Windows drivers do work.


Ulead Video Studio 10 PLUS video editor: Vista update released.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro video editor: doesn’t work with Vista, no date available for update. [I have withdrawn my recommendation for this product: see here.

Ulead PhotoImpact 11 photo editing software: apparently works OK except for the Ulead .ufo file format (which is a very useful format). Awaiting news of an update – probably to the later version 12.

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5: no details available yet from Ulead.

Ulead Cool3D Production Studio: apparently works OK.

SeeYou gliding software: no information at this stage. Probably not an issue if I keep SeeYou on my laptop, which I probably won’t ever upgrade to Vista. UPDATE 5 Feb: Naviter, provider of this software, confirms that it works fine with Vista.

Nero Burning ROM version 6: needs to be upgraded ($$) to current dot release of version 7.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 speech recognition: a 1GB patch for Vista exists.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite: Vista support promised in the next couple of months.

RoboForm password and form filler
: fully supported.

Microsoft Office 2003: works fine.

Picasa: Vista support is not stated in the specifications, but forums suggest it works fine for most people.

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