Flying stuff &Miscellaneous 22 Jan 2007 01:23 pm

Pray for rain and farming families – it is dry out west

My gliding exploits last week brought home to me very clearly the desperate situation facing farming families during the current drought.

From 8,000′ in the air, you can see a long way (especially from the excellent vantage point of a glider cockpit – much less restricted vision compared to a passenger window in a normal aircraft). And by far the dominant colour on the ground is brown. Aside from a few irrigated paddocks (and I really do mean a few) and the occasional river course, there’s nothing green on the ground at all.

Pray for the farmers and their families as they contend with the financial hardship that the drought has brought. Pray for them as they face the relentless dust that blows off the vegetation-deprived paddocks. Pray for the people in the towns who are also suffering as the goods and services they offer are not needed by (or can’t be afforded by) the farmers.

An example that we came across at Cootamundra airfield: even the agricultural pilots are suffering as there are no crops to spray – expensive aircraft sit idle in hangars with nothing to do. The only bright spot for these small-time aviators is the bitter-sweetness of aerial fire fighting work…

Pray for rain.

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