Flying stuff 18 Jan 2007 09:13 pm

Flying again (18 Jan)

Today’s weather forecast suggested pretty good flying – we expected (and got) thermals marked by clouds in the area, and storms developing in the afternoon.

We (club member Bill in one aircraft, me in the other) laid in plans for a 500km flight: Coota – Tichbourne Silo – Wallendbeen – West Wyalong – Coota. We took off just after 12.00 – I was first away in the Jantar and Bill in the DG-303.

By the time Bill was away, I had set off on task and was about 20km along the track. Clouds marking thermals were already appearing and I was going pretty well until I came across a large storm directly on track – just over Black Springs Mountain. After my experience on Tuesday, I was pretty wary of the storm. I thought the sky was overdeveloping to the east of the storm, so I didn’t want to go that way, and every time I tried to go to the west of the storm I got very low.

Bill has more exerience than me and was able to find a way north around the east of the storm. I could have followed, but instead decided to play safe and turn the day into a bit of an explore of the region. I flew back to Temora, then on to Coota and Wallendbeen before landing at Coota about 3.5 hours after taking off. I covered just over 200km.

In the meantime, Bill made it to Tichbourne (2 hours) and back (1 hour). He headed out towards West Wyalong but was thwarted by overdevelopment and dying lift. But he did get back to Coota, completing a 400km flight.

Tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be a bit hotter. Should be pretty good. We’ll probably have one last go at the 500s.

(Interesting sidelight: every day until now the airwaves have been filled with chatter: English, Japanese and German. Today we heard no-one. I saw one other glider over near Temora – I think it was a Libelle – but it was a lot lower than me. I’d have expected the ‘big boys’ to be on long tasks today. I wonder what kept them all at home…)

2 Responses to “Flying again (18 Jan)”

  1. on 19 Jan 2007 at 20:38 (Sydney) 1.Ally said …

    I hope you don’t do anything dangerous when your flying!
    E’s pasta salad was delicous!

  2. on 19 Jan 2007 at 23:04 (Sydney) 2.Richard said …

    Hi, Ally,
    I’m always careful when I fly.
    Glad you enjoyed Liz’s meal – I knew it would be good.