Video editing 13 Dec 2006 04:34 pm

Best price ever for Ulead MediaStudio Pro video editing software (includes several bonus extras)

Astute Flying Nerd readers will know that I use and recommend Ulead‘s video editing software. For high-end projects, I use the pro-sumer package: MediaStudio Pro version 8.

Until the end of December, Ulead has a fabulous offer for downloaded purchases of MSP8. For $US200, you get:
* the full version of MSP8
* the fabulous and highly recommended book Getting Results with MediaStudio Pro 8 by Charlie Hills
* a template pack for the Smart Compositor (allowing you to quickly make multi-image montages for opening sequences)
* the add-on product VideoGraphics Lab, which supports vector graphics and rotoscoping.

The normal on-line price for this bundle would be more than $US500. MSP8 alone normally sells for $US400 (by download).

If you wanted to buy this lot as boxed product in Australia, you couldn’t! Only MSP8 is distributed here in a box, and the price would be around $A795 = $US600.

Competing products include Sony’s Vegas ($A600+) or Adobe Premiere Pro ($A1,300+ unless you can get an academic price). To be fair to both of these products, they probably do have more functionality and flexibility than MSP8 – but you would hope so for the price.

You must click here for the special offer. It’s not linked from the site. Warning: by the time you’ve downloaded the lot, you will be up for around a gigabyte.

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