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Not much happening on lately. Sorry. Been busy. And distracted.


* Fernando Alonso fended off the stirring atacks of Michael Schumacher to bring his Renault home second at the Turkish Grand Prix. (Schumacher’s teammate Felipe Massa won the race.)
* Introducing God has been going well at church. Sunday (six days hence) will be our last session.
* I attended the opening of new facilities at our local public school. As President of the School Council, i got to sit on stage with PM John Howard and Deputy Premier John Watkins (our Federal and State representatives, respectively). It was a fabulous and happy day. The politicians were gracious and the kids were smiling.
* Father’s Day is always nice.


* A member of my gliding club (and his young son) was killed in an accident when flying from Camden to Bankstown. It would be wrong for me to claim Neil as a close friend – but we had shared the air and a few meals when we both attended gliding camp earlier in the year. He was a very decent man.
* Peter Brock was killed. I was stunned by this. I grew up watching Brocky race touring cars. I followed his exploits when he took the Commodore to Monza to race in the World Touring Car Championship. I remember when he and Larry Perkins raced a Porsche at Le Mans. I was in the Paddock Club at the Australian Grand Prix, standing not five metres from Brocky, when a marshall shouted at him for having his coffee cup in an area where he might (just might) have dropped it down into pit lane. I wasn’t a great fan of the man or his new-age beliefs. But his skill behind the wheel was some sort of special gift. I remember feeling like this when Ayrton Senna died. Great racers are supposed to be invincible.
* My home PC had a meltdown. In the grand scheme of things, this is not that big a deal. But our PC is a busy beast and, with Mrs N using it extensively for study and assignments, it needed to be fixed in a hurry. After three (yes, count ’em) fresh Windows XP installs (don’t ask – partly my own fault), all is well again. Many hours consumed.

General tumult

* Steve Irwin died. I never really took much notice of Steve Irwin. He was obviously one of life’s great characters, but he wasn’t one that caught my eye. Nevertheless, his sudden death in extraordinary circumstances has contributed to the general level of tumult over the last few weeks.
* Likewise, this morning’s announcement that Michael Schumacher is retiring from Formula 1 driving is A Big Thing. I’ve been expecting this announcement for months but, now that it’s actually been made, I feel surprised! I guess Schumi has been part of the F1 furniture for so long that his departure seems almost impossible.
* The Rain. Sydneysiders will know: it’s been raining for the last few days. Bucketing, actually. My water tanks have overflowed (in fact, I’ve pumped probably 4,000 litres of water down the drain trying to make space in the tanks…). My garage got (slighly) flooded. My back yard is a lake.

All in all, it’s been a busy period.

I hope to have a few more posts in the days ahead. Topics I hope to cover include:

* general comments on rebuilding the PC
* X1 search tool (it’s now free!)
* Sydney Cricket Ground membership, the forthcoming Ashes series, and a dilemma
* PC cooling.

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