Flying stuff &Video editing 16 Jun 2006 02:43 am

Gliding at Southern Cross Gliding Club (great short video)

A few weeks ago, one of the marketing reps for Ulead Systems, a maker of video editing software, was in Australia to launch a new version of one of their apps. Tobie (the marketing guy) participates in a video editing discussion list that I read, and I met him on that list. As a former power plane pilot, he expressed an interest in taking a glider flight while in Sydney.

I picked up Tobie from his hotel in Sydney, and took him to Southern Cross Gliding Club at Camden on what turned out, despite expectations, to be quite a nice day (but with no lift to speak of). We put him in the front seat of the club’s fabulous DG-1000 two-seat glider (with one of the instructors in the back!), and he took his Sony high definition camcorder along for the ride. Here’s the result:

(For the tech heads: the camera used was a Sony HDRHC1, and the video was edited with the Ulead’s low-end editing product VideoStudio 10 Plus. I have a few comments about VideoStudio 10 Plus here.

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