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Useful Windows utility: Visual Task Tips

UPDATE 15 June 06: I tried the updated version of this utility. It still produces screen corruptions in PowerPoint. Tried on home PC and laptop. Same problem on both. Recommendation now fully withdrawn. Shame.

UPDATE 5 June 06: There’s an updated version of the software available from the link below. I haven’t tried it (yet). If you have or do, please post a comment below.

UPDATE 31 May 06: Well, I’m sad to say that this otherwise terrific utility is definitely causing problems with Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word (running under WinXP SP2). In Powerpoint, it causes part of the screen to be duplicated with a slight offset. In Word, it has been seen to double up a line of text in a document. Until I see these things fixed, I’m withdrawing my recommendation.

UPDATE 19 May 06: I’ve disabled this utility. It may have been causing some weird PowerPoint behaviour. I have been having problems with slide backgrounds coming to the top layer of a slide while editing. I’ll post again to advise as to whether this behaviour is linked to Visual Task Tips. FN.


Here’s another useful utility for your Windows PC.

Apple people: you’ve probably already got something like this. [There: that’s saved you writing to tell me how good Macs are.]

Visual Task Tips is a free, quick-to-install utility that pops up little pictures of the various ‘windows’ on your PC when you hover your mouse over the taskbar buttons. The bottom line is: you see a small preview of whatever the particular taskbar button represents. This makes it very easy to switch from one app to another!

Apparently this function (or something similar) is coming with Windows Vista, which will be available Real Soon Now.

You can download here.

And here’s what it looks like on my PC! The picture shows a Visual Task Tip for Outlook, which is floating above the WordPress window I’m using to write this post!

Visual Task Tips example

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