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Flying Nerd bargain spotting service: colour laser printers

Fuji Xerox has a $200 ‘cash back’ promotion on their popular Docuprint C525A colour laser printer. Details here. If you are looking for a colour laser printer, this could be quite a good deal.

As I understand it, the C525A has been quite well reviewed. And it’s not TOO expensive to run (replacing toners, etc.). If I recall correctly, it was towards the lower end in terms of cost per page compared to other sub-$1,000 colour lasers — I had them all mapped out on a spreadsheet a coulpe of months ago.

Current up-front price can be as low as $499 (pre-rebate): see here for a price search. So your bottom line could be as low as $300. Seems like a good deal to me.

A few words of warning:
* Be careful that you are buying stock imported into Australia by F-X. If you buy a ‘grey’ (parallel) import, you may find that the rebate claim won’t be honoured.
* Be aware that this printer, like most of its ilk, ships with ‘starter’ toner cartridges (good for 1,500 pages, I think). You’ll need to replace these fairly soon, and it won’t be cheap. Shop around for best prices.

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