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Surround sound speakers bargain

I love a bargain. Who doesn’t?

Well, here’s a bargain that I can’t use… Maybe you can.

Uncle Steve (that’s what he calls himself) at Eastwood Hifi (one of Sydney’s few remaining specialist hifi stores) has some Celestion AVP305 5.1 speaker systems available at the special price of $990 (marked down from $3,199).

Now, I have no idea whether these speakers are any good, but Steve’s comments suggest that they are. At $3,199, you would certainly hope so! At $990, if you’re in the market for a set of surround sound speakers (centre, left front, right front, left rear, right rear and subwoofer) these are probably worth a listen.

[Note: you’ll need a surround sound amp to drive these puppies. Steve could fix you up with one of those as well…]

Have a look here.

(I’d say, “Tell him Richard sent you,” but he wouldn’t know who I am!)

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