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Scary flying (not gliding) videos

Here are a couple of quite frightening flying videos from the Flying Nerd’s eclectic collection of video snippets.

The first shows a Korean jumbo jet coming in to land at Kong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport.

For the passenger, Kai Tak was an awful place. I used to fly in and out fairly regularly during the 90s when I worked for a large, multinational company. It was a crowded, worn out and generally dreary dump. The new Hong Kong airport is a positive joy by comparison.

The one redeeming feature, for those who like the flying part of air transport, was the approach. The runway at Kai Tak jutted out into the harbour. Approaching across the harbour was no big deal. But aircraft always land into the wind if possible (reduced ground speed for given airspeed), so if the wind was blowing from the harbour end, the approach had to be across Kowloon. What made it really interesting was that there was a big hill behind the airport, so aircraft would approach the airport at roughly ninety degrees to the direction of the runway and make the famous ‘late right hand turn’ before lining up for touch down.

In this video, it seems to me that the pilot has somewhat overshot the ‘late right hand turn’ and is struggling to line up and touch down. I’m not a 747 pilot, but I reckon I might have decided to ‘go around’ if I’d been in the cockpit.

Download video here [mpg format].

The second video shows what happens when you ‘land’ a float plane on the water with the wheels lowered (as if for a landing on land). It’s pretty self explanatory!

Download video here [wmv format].

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