Formula 1 17 Mar 2006 09:19 pm

Flavio Briatore on F1 qualifying

Flavio Briatore, Team Principal of the Renault F1 team, has weighed into the debate about the third part of the new F1 qualifying process. See my earlier posts, below, for my thoughts.

Flavio has an interesting and slightly different take on things. In his words:

You put as much fuel in the car as you want – say 70 kilos – and then at the end the car goes into Parc Ferme and however much you have left is the amount you start the race with.

Not a bad idea, Flav. It would certainly avoid the economy run, it would be simple for the teams, and would create an interesting real-time trade-off assessment for the team strategists: is it worth sacrificing some fuel (that would otherwise be used in the first part of the race) in order to have a go at moving up the grid? Given a less-than-full-pace out-lap and a slow in-lap, it would probably cost a bit more than two laps worth of fuel (at race pace) to have a crack at a fast time. If you were fifth on the grid and thought you could get up to (say) second, it would probably be worth it.

Your thoughts below.

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  1. on 12 Sep 2006 at 20:19 (Sydney) 1.drazen kozulic said …

    come on Mr. Briattore, I am conveinced you are professional and serious statemnet about F1 championship settled…what do you think about referee s decision in Monaco about Schumies start greed position No. 10…As I remember neither J. Todt or Schumi nor R. Brown comented such absurd and ridiculous decision in favor what…F. Alonso perhaps…don t be ridiculous….or Mr. Briatore you have forgot how Fernnado was very dangereosly cut orr make short direction in S shicane and jeopardized another GP-pilot, you have forgot….and finally Mr. Briatore you can be sure a hundred percent that in the last 3 races it would be a performance grandissimo or festivale di scuderia ferrari never seen before, remember